Good evening! Are you looking for a new, unique and growing roleplay server? Look no further!

2030 is a FiveM roleplay server taking place in the year 2030. The state of San Andreas has faced a civil war, and Trinity County is on their own, separated from Los Santos! Join us, and protect the liberty of the states!

Feel free to join one of our many growing departments!

  • Los Santos Police Department, where you can enforce the laws of the city.
  • Trinity County Sheriff's Office, where you can patrol and rule the county and state Trinity.
  • United States National Guard, where you can enforce the map and protect the border and it's laws.
  • Federal Aviation Administration, where you can enforce the laws of the air.

Are you ready to start your legacy? Join today!
Discord | https://discord.gg/cG5rDkv3qQ

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