Arctic Legacy HUB

<a:1arrowpink:1048588915277307934> ALRP | Arctic Legacy Roleplay

╔ What Arctic Legacy Has To Offer:


╠ Custom CAD

╠ Professional & Active Moderation Teams.
╠ Many Custom Interiors & Maps To Explore.
╠ Active & Respectful Community.
╠ No Applications Required For LEO, EMS or FIRE.
╠ Many Government Subdivisions To Join.
╠ Whitelisted Gangs & Legal Factions.
╠ Custom Menus.
╠ Custom Civilian & LEO EUP.

╚ Many More Updates Soon To Come!

Now hiring for:
San Andreas Police Department
San Andreas State Troopers
San Andreas Sheriff's Office
San Andreas Fire Rescue

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<:1arrow:1048588822901960765> Website / Store |
<:1arrow:1048588822901960765> Other Discord Hubs Are Available Through The Main Discord.

<a:1arrowpink:1048588915277307934> We Hope To See You Soon!

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