Are you wanting to make your community look more professional? Well not a problem Fire Modifications is here for your needs! Try our brand new Community Site packed with a lot of features listed below!!!


  • Home Page
  • Rules Page
  • Staff Page
  • Gallery Page
  • Login Button
  • Donate Button
  • Application Button
  • Penal Code Button
  • CAD/MDT Button
  • Controls Button
  • Staff Button (the owner must give you perms to this button it's for accessing the staff panel to customize the website)
  • Play Now Button (connects you straight to the FiveM server)
  • Join Our Discord Button (takes you to the discord)

Features List:

  • Discord Login
  • Staff panel to fully customize your website
  • A lot of buttons to direct people where they wanna go
  • FAQ on the home page filly customizable via the staff panel

You must have a VPS and not shared web hosting


Will a Windows VPS work?

  • No, the site will be ran on http://domain.tld:3000 instead of https://domain.tld

I need help installing it, can you do it for me?

  • YES! We can help you install it. We do have a one time $5 installation fee. Join the Discord to get started

Community Site V1 — $25

This item is hidden from store pages.



  • Crizzle#2845 for most of the website design
  • Fire Modifications Staff for converting to Express.js, Bug fixes, staff panel, and Discord Login

User Reviews

Product: Community Site V1 5/5

“Awesome Product easy to setup and When you get Hunters Help its Super Easy”Sheldon P. | Fire Modifications

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Product: Community Site V1 5/5

“Started setting up the site for my community and these people are amazing i cant wait to see what the future holds for Fire Modification and i hope it goes long ways”Fuelly 🎗

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Product: Community Site V1 5/5

“Really good community site. However you will need node .js and host off a VPS like a BOT. I did not know this when I first purchased and I have moved to another comm”Outcast Oppurtunist

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