Everybody has always wanted to better promote and overall better branch out with their community. A very simple and non-bank breaking method is a website! Allow me to tell you why the Community Site is the best path to take when looking to get your new community off the ground and into the future fast! Community Site has a bunch of features! Like, so many! With the option for blog posts, announcements, an API for external access, team member lists, partnership showcases, and so much more, you can give everybody a run down on what your community really is! So, what're you waiting for? Get it today!


This is a Node.Js based website and requires a server to be ran. This will not run on common 'Shared Hosting' plans.


  • Community Info Section.
  • Blog Posts Section.
  • Team Section.
  • Partners Section.
  • Profiles Section.
  • External API.
  • Mobile Friendly.
  • Administration Panel.
  • Supports Markdown.
  • Entirely Customizable!

Community Site V3 — $19.99

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@Hyperz - Actually writing all of the code.

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Product: Community Site V3 5/5

“Amazing support by the staff team and developers i love the work and dedication they put into”BxSolo524

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