Globe G-XTREME® Structural Turnout Gear
The Completely retailored Globe G-XTREME® Structural Turnout Gear have arrived to provide even less restriction and more flexibility, you’ll instantly feel how these improvements let you make all the right moves. The Globe G-XTREME® Gear has also had major improvements to the reflective material making it 10x more reactive to light! And like the original the Globe G-XTREME® it comes in the best Shape to fit your body along with multiple color ways.

This product includes:

  • Globe G-XTREME® Jacket
  • Globe G-XTREME® Open Jacket
  • Globe G-XTREME® Pants
  • Morning Pride® Suspenders
  • Male/Female Compatible
  • Extra Textures

Globe GXTREME Turnout Gear — $20


Novo Modifications

User Reviews

Product: Globe GXTREME Turnout Gear 5/5

“Eup came out looking supper reflective makes avoiding being hit by people easy as”dankduck19

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